The newest addition to the Huggaloops Product line!  
This versatile piece of clothing is both a multi-style top and an infant babywearing shirt.
Made to transition with you from maternity to breastfeeding, babywearing and beyond,
this one single piece ticks all the boxes!  
An integrated chest panel provides extra support while babywearing and acts as a nursing panel for easy breastfeeding.  The V-shaped back keeps the neck in place (no riding up!) and wrap panels allow for a custom fit for a perfectly snug hold when wearing your baby.  Slip on the top, cross the panels over baby and tie!  Best of all, this top can be worn with our without your baby and remains a functional and stylish wardrobe piece beyond the fourth trimester.
(designed to carry babies in an upright position from 7lbs to 16lbs)

Type: Baby Carrier

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